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Two Point Hospital – Paging All Gamers

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital has taken Steam by storm. On launch day TPH was the top selling game on Steam, and the momentum continues.

What’s new and improved in the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital?
Let me give you a quick run down of my favourite new parts.

You get to be a Ghost Buster

When patients die, there is a chance they’ll return as a ghost to haunt your fine establishment.
Specially trained janitors can take care of your sadly dead and unsatisfied customers, with their handy dust-buster.

If you love puns and cheeky pop culture references, Two Point has you covered.


You Thought Earthquakes Were Bad

Depending on the selected scenario, you’ll need to deal with all sorts of disasters. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, Jest Infection outbreaks are just a few of the challenges you’ll face.
My favourite example so far – You’ll be asked to run a hospital that is located next to an abandoned power station, that gets hit by electrical storms.

Sounds like a comic book character origin story in the making!


Visual Management Tools

The Two Point crew have provided brilliantly simple visual management tools. With a quick click you can see how happy everyone is, how the hygiene in your facility is going, and check the temperature is just right. The colour guides are straight forward and effective in delivering the information you need – STAT!

FYI – For Theme Hospital veterans, you no longer need to adjust the radiator temperature with the seasons.


Training is Different

In Two Point Hospital, your staff have up to 5 training slots. Doctors, nurses, janitors, and assistants, can all be trained to improve their customer service and efficiency. Speciality training includes improved pharmacy, ghost capture, and emotional intelligence.

Make sure you train your staff to maximise your site efficiency, and to minimise deaths… of course.


There is heaps more to discover, but I don’t want to ruin the best parts. Definitely keep your eye on staff names for a chuckle.
Enjoy the game, and break a leg!

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for free Hospital Pass to get your deluxe Golden Toilet! The prestige boost is worth every cent.

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