BenQ Zowie XL2735 Monitor Hits PAX 2016

BenQ’s new range of Zowie gaming monitors are on the market and have some exciting and unique features. We caught up with Enoch Huang, BenQ’s head of LCD Monitors at PAX Australia 2016 and were lucky enough to get some hands on time with the new XL2735 monitor designed specifically for gamers.

This flagship PC gaming specific monitor features 2560×1440 resolution, 144hz refresh rate, 1ms G2G response time and a 27” TN panel. Now based on looks it’s easy to assume it’s simply a rebranded XL2730 with a new Zowie branding and some slightly odd looking ‘blinkers’ on the sides, apparently used to minimise glare and peripheral annoyances while gaming. I’m not particularly sold on the aesthetic ‘blinders’ however as these are detachable we’ll let it slide. What truly makes the XL2735 a game changer is the new Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) technology. Exactly what the spcifications relating to the DyAC technology is clearly a closely guarded secret over at BenQ Zowie, but it’s safe to say it delivers a smoothness and clarity to monitors I certainly haven’t come across.

So what exactly is DyAc? Well it’s very difficult to explain and is something you really do have to see for yourself to appreciate but for the sake of science I’ll try. When something moves at pace across an LCD screen it usually gets a bit blurry (usually due to ghosting effects or overdrive trailing). The overall movement of the object will still be smooth especially on a 144hz screen but sharpness in the edges and low level details become slightly blunted when your eye track it across the screen, and depending on your eyesight even a bit jittery. The XL2735 creates a smooth yet sharp and crisp image consistently when compared to the XL2730 without DyAc, something I really did have to see to believe.

The overall general feel though is that it’s as close as you could possibly get to CRT levels of smoothness, and at a 2k resolution the result is quite simply breathtaking.

There are a few nifty features you’ll get with the XL2735 as well, including an adjustable quality stand that caters for pretty much any possible gaming posture you can think of, and a new revised version of the S-Switch. For anyone that hasn’t had a chance to take a look at what the S-Switch it basically allows you to pre-set all monitor settings to 3 hot keys on an external device allowing you to switch on the fly between movies, gaming or editing settings easily. The new feature to BenQ Zowies gaming range sees the S-Switch now fitted with it’s own internal memory, so you can hotswap between any S-Switch compatible BenQ monitor and your setting will happily come along for the ride.

One thing to note with the BenQ Zowie XL2735 is it does not support G-Synch or V-Synch technology. Instead Enoch expressed that this monitor is designed from the ground up to support any gamers needs regardless of the hardware you’re sporting under the hood. Green team or Red team, the XL2735 is for everyone. Hopefully we’ll get some more hands on time and some more in depth testing of the XL2735 in the future though and put some of these options to the test. As things stand from our short time with this monitor it’s going to be difficult to beat though.


You can grab one of these bad boys right now for around the $900 mark at your retailer of choice, it’s definitely going on my Christmas list!

We’d also like to thank Enoch Huang for taking the time to show us around at PAX Australia 2016, it looks like we can expect big things from BenQ Zowie in the future.

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