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Tech Review: Thermaltake Level 10M Advanced

Another day another mouse. Today we take a look at the Thermaltake Level 10M Advanced gaming mouse. Please read on if this is a mouse you’ve been looking at purchasing with your hard earned beer tokens, our thoughts may surprise you.

The Level 10M is anything but simple, with a bold style and interesting features on paper it looks to be a next level gaming mouse capable of catering to wide range of gamers and still sit under the $100 price point – most retailers stock this bad boy at around the $89 mark.

Let’s kick things off with a look at the aesthetics of the Level 10M Advanced. Clearly, it’s not something that one would consider sleek. With a very different, almost industrial style, screws are visible, honeycombed mesh panels and clear sight of the internal components it’s definitely different. This may be just the thing you’re looking for, or, something that hurts your eyes. Either way, it stands out in the crowd.

Level10M Advanced 1
Level 10M Advanced

In line with most mice these days, is the feature of LED illumination, which the Level 10M Advanced has in spades. Not only does it have three separately controllable LED zones, all lighting is customizable up to 16.8 million colors with adjustable pulse and illumination affects. A very nice touch and again, something that is most welcome in the sub $100 price range.

Cabling isn’t a problem for the majority of gamers with a plentiful 1.8m length wired cable, which is beautifully braided, a very nice bit of detail for a sub $100 mouse. The overall build quality is also fantastic, with a feeling of weight and quality from the outer shell to the 10 programmable Omron Switch buttons allowing 50 million clicks its clear the manufacturing of the mouse is top notch.

Level10M Advanced 2
Level 10M Advanced

One of the major features with the Level 10M Advanced is the adjustable rest plate that lends itself to multiple hand styles and is also advertised as optimized for both right and left handers. Whilst the adjustable rest plate is a unique feature which can come in ‘handy’ (I’ll show myself out) the button layout definitely doesn’t do any favors for the left handers among us. All programmable buttons are located on the left hand side of the mouse making access to them very difficult should you be using it as a left handed mouse.

Level10M Advanced 3
Level 10M Advanced

The Level 10M Advanced also has a massive 16000DPI capability (if you’re crazy enough to be gaming at that rate) with the Avago 9800 laser sensor and is adjustable within increments of just 100DPI at a time, making it easy to fine tune your sensitivity to within an inch of your life. You are also able to adjust the polling rate, button response time, angle shaping and lift-off control making the manual adjustments sound more like a launch sequence than mouse settings. Regardless, Thermaltake are clearly focusing on adaptability and customization with the Level 10M Advanced.

The accompanying software for the Level 10M Advanced gaming mouse is packaged in the TT eSports Command Centre application and allows complete customization of all the bells and whistles listed above. It is a little daunting at first with loads of options to tinker with, half of which may mean nothing to a number of gamers, and the software isn’t particularly intuitive but does provide complete control for the user. It is a shame that Thermaltake haven’t taken a page out of Razer or Logitech’s book and grouped similar peripherals under one easily accessible piece of software. Currently if I have my keyboard (Thermaltake Challenger Pro) and a headset (Thermaltake Cronos) alongside the Level 10M Advanced, I need three separate software packages to customize each individually making it more than a little frustrating.

Thermaltake Command Centre

Besides all the bells and whistles, the outstanding customizability and the fantastic build quality, the two things that make me unfortunately turn away from the Level 10M Advanced are the feel and the design. The design, granted, won’t be for everyone and for those that aren’t horrified by it will fall in love with the style immediately. So I’ll let that one slide. The feel though is not something I can ignore, given the long hours and gaming sessions one can expect to have with a mouse, the feel and the ergonomics of the mouse are paramount. Even after adjusting the rest plate multiple times I could not get a comfortable grip and still maintain easy access to the buttons, often ending up in a claw like grip made my hand feel stressed and deformed quickly. Again this is not something everyone will take issue with but it’s definitely recommended to see if you can try one of these before buying to make sure it’s something you can get cozy with during those long nights of gaming.

Want more Thermaltake Level 10M Advanced gaming mouse? Check out our video below for Jordo and Brad’s thoughts!

If customizability and unique style is your thing, check out the Level 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse

With a list of customizable options as long as an SQL Stack Dump, feel safe in knowing you will have complete control of the Level 10M Advanced. If you can get past the industrial style, and you’re physically able to use the mouse without crippling yourself, then for $89 it’s a tough mouse to beat in the gaming department.


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