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BenQ Zowie RL2460 Console Gaming Monitor Review

When you think console gaming, the first thing that springs to mind is a shiny new PS4 or Xbox One sitting next to a giant big screen TV. With HD and UHD TV’s becoming more and more affordable it’s easy to understand why. But what about those highly competitive console gamers that want the very best colour reproduction and complete control over picture reproduction. Or those that enjoy the intensity of a live VS tournament of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? Sometimes the big screen TV isn’t always what you’ll be wanting as your chosen battleground platform. Well, BenQ Zowie has you covered with their RL2460 range of console gaming targeted monitors. We managed to get our hands on not one but two of these bad boys for some testing and we were pleasantly surprised.

Let’s kick things off with a rundown of the RL2460 specs and what to expect out of the box. Unpacking the RL2460 we get a no-nonsense kit, with a sturdy stand base, a box of accessories including AC power cable, VGA cable and HDMI cable, user manual and driver CD and of course, the RL2460 monitor itself.

The Specs

The RL2460 packs quite a punch for a 24” 1080p monitor hitting all the key features you’ll be looking for (specifically from a console perspective).

We can see that 1ms G2G response time, DyNomic Contrast Ratio of 12m:1, 1080p resolution on a TN Panel, and VESA wall mounting compatibility make it a pretty good match for what a lot of gamers will be looking for. On top of that the list of Special Features is some real gems, with Black eQualizer, Low Blue Light and the very interesting Head-to-Head Combat Setup (but more on that shortly).


I’ll be honest, the aesthetics of the RL2460 aren’t the sleekest or the prettiest,with a significantly sized bezel and matte finish the monitor looks and feels a little bulky. With that said, it’s unlikely you’ll be looking to use these monitors in a triple screen setup for hard core PC gaming anyway (note the 60Hz refresh rate), so it’s not really an issue.

The rest of the design and build quality is impeccable as you would expect from BenQ Zowie. A sturdy and reasonably heavy base means excellent stability, and the stand has all the adjustability you’ll be wanting with -5°/15° tilt, a 110mm height adjustment and rotation for portrait setup. The RL2460 also features a Precision Scale System on the stand, which is a fancy way of saying there’s alignment notches on the stand, making it super simple to replicate your desired setup perfectly every time, a fantastic feature that should be a standard on all monitors. The screen itself comes with a nice matte finish to minimize glare and reflections and works pretty well.


The RL2460 uses a 24 inch matte TN panel with an LED backlight, and features a 1ms GTG response time (when enabling AMA – Advanced Motion Accelerator). With a native resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) it also services 720p due to its 16:9 aspect ratio. The refresh rate is set for 60hz, which is enough for console gamers, but may prove lacking to serious PC gamers that demand more frames.

On Screen Display (OSD)

On top of common controls such as brightness, contrast, and various color optimization settings the RL2460 offers some advanced features for gamers including Smart Scaling, Black eQualizer and AMA . The inclusion of a Low Blue Light setting to reduce eye fatigue is also a welcome inclusion for those that spend inordinate amounts of time in front of the monitor.

The OSD side buttons are sturdy and well laid out for easy use with nice tactile feedback ensuring navigation is simple and easy. You will need to be slightly patient to wait for the button click to register in the OSD menus though, however this is standard across pretty much every monitor I have ever used.


The RL2460 features several picture modes, including Standard, Movie, Photo, sRGB, Eco, RTS 1, RTS 2, Fighting, FPS, and three Gamer profiles to customize to your liking. The most interesting addition with the picture presets is the inclusion of the Fighting preset, which increases the level of blue that’s displayed on the screen. This preset seems to significantly affect the other colors on the screen and under Fighting game mode the grayscale appears with a significant green tint. I personally wouldn’t recommend this setting, but to each their own.

You will also have access to dynamic contrast, saturation, sharpness, as well as individual RGB settings to tailor the image to your own preferences. Out of the box, the picture modes with the best balance of color are the Standard and sRGB presets. Most of the other picture modes appear to me to be either too red, too blue, or have skewed gamma in general, however with pretty much every aspect of the image available for manipulation you’ll be easily able to get the exact style you prefer.

One additional feature to note is the inclusion of dual 2w speakers built in to the rear of the monitor itself. More often than not built in monitor speakers are terrible, and unfortunately the same holds true with the RL2460. If you have absolutely no other alternative they’ll do in a pinch, but this would definitely not be a recommended audio source for any length of time.

HDMI Output (Head-to-Head Combat Setup)

One of the more unique features offered by the RL2460 is the addition of a HDMI Output. This is designed to duplicate the image on the source monitor to any other screen you desire with a HDMI input AND with zero lag. We tested this out using a second RL2460 and playing Mortal Kombat X and to the naked eye we couldn’t detect any latency issues or input lag at all: a perfect mirror image and reproduction of the source screen display. As you can see, we also kinda liked the competitive feel the head-to-head setup gave us.

What we also liked about this HDMI output is its ability to be used with external capture devices (like the El Gato HD) so you can feed the duplicated HDMI signal to your capture device, without worrying about causing latency by connecting the device before the primary monitor.

Overall the RL2460 is a robust, versatile and high quality 1080p 24” gaming monitor for console gamers that need that edge in competitive gaming. The addition of a HDMI output is fantastic if you really enjoy a head-to-head fighter challenge or capture a lot of console gameplay. PC enthusiasts may balk at the 60Hz refresh rate limitation, but even so it’s a capable monitor with excellent ergonomics and customization.  Coming in at around $299 it’s not the cheapest 1080p monitor however it does trade blows easily with much more expensive brands and gives you a number of unique features only available from BenQ Zowie. If you’re looking for a specific monitor for console gaming, it really doesn’t get much better than the RL2460…..well, perhaps if you had two of them it would.

We’d also like to thank Dan and BenQ for providing D1DLC with the BenQ Zowie RL2460 gaming monitors for the purposes of this review.

Words not your thing? Feel free to check out the complete video review below!

Console gaming on a monitor? The RL2460 should be at the top of your list.

Console gamers looking for a competitive edge, or streamers looking to capture lagless game play, the RL2460 is perfect. Even if your a PC gamer and can live with the 60Hz refresh rate, the RL2460 oozes class and competence.


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