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Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review

The Logitech G231 Gaming Headset is another product in the Prodigy line from Logitech G aimed directly at the entry level or casual gamer market. Simple features, ease of use and decent sound for a budget price, the G231 hits the mark without standing out from its competitors. Let’s take a closer look at what the G231 has to offer.


With a simple design, over the cup ears, padded headband and swivel mic arm it’s got what you need to get going without going over the top. Strikingly similar to the Logitech G230 but with a grey and orange colour scheme, there is very little distinguish this new model from its predecessor. That’s not always a bad thing, if it ain’t broke……With that said, it’s a little unclear how this design specifically caters to the up and coming entry level gaming category other than the fact it takes simplicity to the next level. With nothing more than two 3.5mm jacks (one for mic and one for sound) there’s no messing about with amplifiers, USB adaptors or any software adjustments, it’s a straight plug and play stereo headset. Which, to our surprise, actually holds up better than expected in the sound department. But more on that shortly.

I do feel obligated to mention that the light weight plastic feel of the construction does seem overly cheap, however we quickly forgot about that as this played in fantastically well with comfort to the point of almost forgetting that the headset was there. We also put the headset through some twist bends and rough handling without any issues.



Gaming Sound:

We’ll get this out the way first, the sound won’t blow your mind. It does however perform exceedingly well for its category and simplicity. We played through the regular rotation of games including BF1, Mafia 3 and Inside for a good cross section of gaming audio styles. Positional or directional audio performed well when it came to gauging footsteps and incoming fire positions in BF1 while maintain clear dialogue and in game music in Mafia 3 and Inside. On occasion with sound effects, dialogue and music blasting into your eardrums at once the sound did feel a little flat but certainly got the job done. We did feel that although USB adaptors can be unnecessarily complicated at times, the ability to tweak the audio levels to your personal preferences can be the difference between average audio and great audio. The choice to have the G231 connectors locked in as 3.5mm jacks removes this option assumingly for simplicities sake and to keep costs down, but it does feel as though this could have made the difference and allowed the G231’s to stand out from the crowd.


Gaming Mic:

Equipped with a swivel arm mic the G231’s provide a basic communicational microphone to bark orders on the battlefield or deliver trash talk on Discord. The microphone quality won’t win any awards with a slightly higher sensitivity than we’d like picking up some background ambient noise and some minor static sounds clearly detectable during conversations. It does however provide a serviceable standard but with some features missing like a fully retractable mic arm, you may find yourself relying on a standalone microphone for recording purposes.


Music and Movie Sound:

Listening to music and watching movies with the G231 delivers respectable sound quality without really making anything ‘pop’. Audiophiles won’t even be giving these a sideways glance, but for gamers it performs well enough to enable a comfortable music or movie audio listening experience. Again software support for minor tweaks between gaming, music and movies would have been a welcome feature however is not a significant detraction here.



The G231 features simple adjustable headband for ease of positioning no matter what your dome size is, and an inline volume slider and mic mute button makes on the fly adjustment simple enough. A good cable length shouldn’t see any issues for gamers to connect either via your front panel I/O or the preferred direct line in’s on you motherboard.

Overall the Logitech G231 Gaming Headset is the absolute embodiment of simplicity, while still delivering adequate sound (particularly for gaming). Look passed the plastic ‘cheap’ feel of the headset itself and you’ll find it provides a comfortable light weight headset that will allow you to game for hours with ease. Coming it at AU$79 this headset is placed perfectly in the entry level gaming segment and is an excellent choice for any gamer just coming up through the ranks.


The embodiment of simplicity, the Prodigy G231 Headset is near the top of the list for entry level gamers.

Even though it’s questionably similar to the G230 the Prodigy G231 has respectable sound, comfortable build and sits at a perfect price point for the casual gamer.


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