Meet Adam

(left) Adam Martin with (right) Major Nelson (not affiliated with D1DLC….yet)

Adam is an experienced journalist and main content provider for the Website and our resident speed runner veteran!

What’s the first game you remember playing? A link to the Past. Thus started my love for Zelda
What game have you spent the most hours playing? As a Speedrunner I’ve spent countless hours running games over and over. But also esports I’ve spent years playing League of Legends, and before that Call of Duty…  so probably 5 different Zelda games a few RPGs and the LoL and CoD
Who is your favorite video game Heroine? Would have to be Samus Aran. People’s faces still fall off when they find out she’s a girl
Favorite video game Villain? Majora from Majora’s Mask. That freaked me out as a kid. But I still love it.
Boxer or briefs? Hunnit% briefs
Favorite gaming quote? SMW – end of star world… YOU ARE SUPERSTAR
Favorite movie? Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Mark Hamill performance? Obviously the above…. but I do love his work in Batman : The animated series too
What is your unpopular gaming opinion? SNES is the greatest console released
The best YouTube clip you’ve ever seen? D1DLC videos…… but really I don’t know I live on YouTube watching VODs of Speedruns. But I don’t know really

Since Adam has failed to select a favorite video clip, we’ve picked one for him:

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