Meet Jordo


Jordo’s voice can be heard on the podcast and he is head of video content.  He also plays the games no one else has ever heard of.

What’s the first game you remember playing? PONG on a Black and white TV 
What game have you spent the most hours playing? Monkey Island “only the best series ever made!” 
Who is your favorite video game Heroine? Lara Croft 
Who is your favorite video game Villain? The tentacles from DAAYYY OF THE TENTACLE!! Or…. Bowser! 
Boxer or briefs? You know the boxers that are like briefs…. Hold in all the right spots.. Yeah… those… 
Favorite gaming quote? Come get some….. 
Favorite movie? The Dark Crystal 
Favorite Mark Hamill performance? Is there really one answer to this??? 
What is your unpopular gaming opinion? I once bought an Xbox because I needed a drinks coaster 
The best YouTube clip you’ve ever seen? 

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