D1DLC’s Greatest Game of all Time!

Ever wondered what the Greatest Game Of All time is? We have, and we’ve decided to front up and present all of our listeners with our personal top 10 games and let you decide which is the best.
Each podcast episode we will pit two D1DLC presenters against one another to a fight to the death. We’ll have 60 seconds to provide our most persuasive arguments for our games for that episode and leave it up to you to decide who makes it through to next round. In the end, there can be only one!

Here are your podcasters top 10 lists (in no particular order):


Donkey Kong
Mortal Kombat – Winner
Commander KeenKnockout
Kings Quest
Monkey Island
Alex the Kid – Winner
ToeJam and Earl
Sam and MaxKnockout


Legend of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time
Dark Souls – Knockout
Final Fantasy X
Payday 2 – Knockout
Football Manager Knockout
Knights of the Old Republic – Winner
Kingdom Hearts
Crusader Kings 2


UFO Enemy UnknownKnockout
Boulders Gate 2 – Winner
Portal 2 – Winner
Eve – Online – Winner
GTA Vice City
Batman Arkham City
Civ IV
Mass Effect 2


Warcraft 3
Witcher 3
Phantasmagoria – Winner
Leisure Suite Larry 7Knockout
Elder Scrolls – Oblivion
Borderlands 2
Resident Evil 2 – Winner
Duke Nukem 3D
Battlefield 4
DayZ Arma II ModKnockout

Remember to tune into the show to see which games we will be putting to the test and head on over to Facebook and Twitter to get in the votes!

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