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The Road to PAX – Suprise Attack Games

The hype is real! PAX Australia is now less than a month away. Here’s one of the many things on our list that we cannot wait to see

One of the biggest presences at the AVCon Indie Games Room in 2016 was Aussie indie games label Surprise Attack Games, and the same will be true at PAX Rising. With a collection of local and international indie games on display, we know from AVCon that this is absolutely a booth to check out.

We’ve spoken about Orwell recently so we won’t go into it too much here. It will be playable at PAX but we cannot recommend getting on and trying the free episode before PAX enough, Jake and Brad loved it. That’s just the start of what Suprise Attack are showing though.

Blind is where you’ll get your VR fix, but with an unusual hook – you cannot see. Waking up in a strange house and suddenly blind, you use echoes to explore the creepy surroundings using the Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch motion controls. Jake had a crack at this at AVCon and we’re keen to see where it’s gone from there.

Dungeon League is one we never quite got to at AVCon but Mully from Pixels Rising could not stop talking about it. We’re definitely going toe to toe with this one at PAX. Billed as “RPGs and MOBAs distilled down into ten minutes of intense, single screen competitive dungeon sports action” I can see the D1 crew getting well and truly invested and more than a little heated playing this.

Western Press is another game we didn’t play at AVCon, much to our regret, that will be there. A historically accurate western duelling game, our friends at Atebit, particularly Reece, loved this one.

And, of course, the Hacknet expansion, Labyrinths will be there. We’ve raved (and raved….and RAVED) about Hacknet in the past, so prepare yourself for a fresh bout of that post PAX. Labyrinths will actually have its own booth at PAX, away from the main Surprise Attack Games booth. Surprise Attack were kind enough to supply us with a handy map, but if in doubt ask them at the main booth and they’ll see that you get there.

It’s well documented that Brad has fallen in love with indies games, and labels like Surprise Attack are a huge part of that. Make sure you check them out!


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