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The Road to PAX: Dawn of War III

The hype is real! PAX Australia is now less than a month away. Here’s one of the many things on our list that we cannot wait to see

We’re not yet sure exactly how many triple a games we will get our hands on at PAX but one we do know of is Dawn of War III. Dawn of War burst back into our consciousness this year with an outstanding reveal trailer that showcased the big guns of the 40k universe. While the trailer was certainly hype inducing, we’re still not really sure what to expect from the game itself.

The Dawn of War franchise has never been afraid to mix it up. While the original game was relatively loyal to the RTS genre – with some important and ground breaking additions – the second game was a very different beast. Base building was out, super limited but powerful units were in and cover played a significantly more important role. In fact, DoW 2 would be far more accurately described as a role-playing tactical game than a real-time strategy game. From what we know so far, Dawn of War 3 is returning to its RTS roots.

We know base building is back and that we’ll have at least some access to the mighty war machines known as titans. We also know that Space Marines, Orks and Elder feature in the game. Beyond that we don’t know much, certainly not first hand. That will change at PAX.

Dawn of War III is going to have a big presence at PAX and besides getting a photo with a giant Space Marine (please let there be one. Pleasepleaseplease) we’re going to spend as much time playing as they’ll let us. The RTS genre is due for a hit game and those filthy xenos won’t purge themselves.

What do you want to know about Dawn of War 3? Let us know and we’ll see what we can find out.

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