New Remote Raid Pass for Pokémon Go

The new Remote Raid Pass allows Pokémon Go trainers to join nearby Raid Battles from the comfort of their couch.

Players can pick up 3 Remote Raid Passes for 1 coin to try out the new feature. With the pass Trainers can take part in a raid visible on the Nearby screen or tappable from the Map View.

The following steps are taken from the Niantic Pokémon Go support page:

” 1. Tap the Nearby button at the bottom right of the Map View and select the “Raid” tab. For any Raid Battles listed, tap “View” below the raid you would like to join to access the raid.

2. You can also tap any Gym with an ongoing Raid Battle on your Map View.

Once you’ve accessed the raid you’d like to join remotely, you’ll see a pink button that lets you join the Raid Battle using a Remote Raid Pass. Exchange your pass for entry into the raid.”

A total of 5 remote trainers can play in the same raid lobby, with any additional remote raid players being added to a new lobby. There are no other changes to the raid battle mechanics, however remote Trainer’s Pokémon do experience a debuff to the attack power.

Unfortunately you need to use your Remote Raid pass to join the raid lobby that shows you are available – You could spend your pass and then not have enough remote trainers to squad up to make the raid winnable. This differs to a usual in person raid where you would wait to see if enough trainers physically attended before you spent your regular Raid Pass.

After the first purchase raid passes are 250 coins for a pack of 3. We are hoping there are plans for Niantic to change the reward for the first Pokestop spin of the day to include Remote Raid passes.

While there are still some significant difficulties playing Pokémon Go at the moment, we are happy to see Niantic working toward improvements for players who are trying to live their best iso life.

What do you think of the new Pokémon Go Remote Raid pass?