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D1DLC Farwells AVCon 2016

In a 48 hour window there is only so much one person can see, and as the folks from D1DLC quickly realised, only so many games they can play. It’s no secret that the vast majority of our time over the AVCon 2016 weekend was spent rubbing shoulders with the tireless and brilliant developers showcasing their wares in the Indie Games Room, but apparently there was also an entire convention going on around us! Who knew?

The Indie Games Room 2016

We spent our time scaring unwanted visitors in a haunted mansion, bouncing eggs into nests, competing against dev’s and gamers alike for the iciest speed run time, solving eye popping puzzles and firing every weapon imaginable into toppling forts and loads more.  That isn’t to say there wasn’t an almost uncontrollable amount of thriving activity all around us, from the Player Attack stage hosting gaming tournaments, to RetroSpekt piling on the 8-bit nostalgia and Street Geek with Big Reidy’s out of control Vive gaming sessions, it was all happening.

There were panels galore showcasing the stars from Good Game and countless others, YouTube sensations and even the man himself, Brad Paull from our very own D1DLC getting in the mix with an excellent panel hosted by Brendan from Ate Bit, which saw a star studded debate of content creators vs developers…..don’t worry, content creators won.

The Content Creators
The Devs

If it’s all sounding a little too focused on digital gaming, well, we did spend an absolutely ludicrous amount of time in our favourite place on earth, the Indie Games Room. That being said, just one floor up was something just as incredible. The AVCon Table Top and RPG room. With everything from Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder to Fate and Shadow Run our mate Denzil from the Pathfinder Society SA was putting on an incredible show with countless games on display and loads of RPG’ers rolling their way to honour and victory. After a 10 year hiatus the RPG table top was back and better than ever! We even noticed Tony Pettersen showcasing Bloody Quest who we spoke to back in episode 5 of the podcast. It was amazing to see the explosion of table top RPG’s being fully embraced by AVCon this year, and we can’t wait to spend a LOT more time there next year.

With so much action, it was easy to get lost in any one area and start to feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the event. Luckily the amazing folks from Reach Out and Check Point had us covered with the incredibly relaxed and chilled out ‘Reach Out Room’ available to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the con, recline in your own bean bag, ponder the meaning of life or just do some coloring, which I’m not even remotely ashamed to admit Brad found incredibly cathartic. As a matter of fact Brad had quite a lot to say about the Reach Out Room, must have been the pencils and crayons.

Just outside of the main hall rooms skirting the perimeter of AVCon was Artist Alley, a melting pot of creative and inspired designers, nick knacks, incredible painters, artists and everything in between. The sheer variety of skill and talented amazing people filling the stalls with an eclectic and diverse range of art was, to be frank, astounding. Yet another example of the depth of creativity, passion and untapped talent not only the AVCon community, but the Adelaide and South Australian community have to offer. We even bumped into Vela Noble working hard on her incredible caricature portraits, not to mention some of the art work she had on display was worthy of a career at DreamWorks!

With so much variety and entertainment around every corner, there is one constant that was ever present. The backbone driving every stall, every panel, every display and event, the army of volunteers and dedicated individuals giving their time and effort for the love of the show. I can’t express enough the recognition each and every one of the volunteers deserve for their efforts across the whole of AVCon. The experience would not have been close to what it was without all of their dedication and hard work! So to all the unsung heroes of AVCon 2016, on behalf of D1DLC we say thank you.

So it’s with no small amount of sadness that we say farewell to AVCon 2016, we had so much fun, met so many amazing people and had the best time at a convention to date. The AVCon hangover is real. I also can’t stress enough how much we appreciated the welcome from Ellie Mcphee and Kira Austin for allowing D1DLC such incredible access to the event over the course of the weekend. The timer is set, and all of us from D1DLC will be looking forward to 2017 and the next AVCon…..when do tickets go on sale again?

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