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Blizzard freebies and sales!

I’ve been critical of Blizzard in the past for their price points, particularly in World and Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, but they are cranking some great deals at the moment.

Firstly, the one I am most excited about, the Welcome Bundle for Hearthstone. This is a one time deal, available to new and old players, that gives you 10 classics packs and a guaranteed class legendary, for the crazy price of $6.49 AU. Considering the normal price of a two pack bundle is $3.79 this is a fantastic value. Those that follow the podcast will know I’ve been playing Hearthstone since beta and have been completely free to play that entire time. I’m getting this pack.

Good deals are one thing, but free stuff is better. Heroes of the Storms has launched a major update, Machines of War. It sees a new map, a new hero, the commencement of Ranked Season 2 and an in-game event: Xel’Naga. They’re all great reasons to jump in, but best of all, Blizzard are giving away a free hero.

If you log in from today you’ll be given the choice of Tyrande, Anub’arak and Thrall (yes please!) to keep. Own all three of those already and you’ll have the choice of Nazeebo, Sonya and Uther. If you have all six you’ll be given 4k gold, the cost of one of those heroes. Pretty sweet deal just for logging in.

We don’t know when this will end, so log on sooner rather than later!

Finally, Warcraft: The Beginning comes available for physical purchase at the end of the month. If you’re grabbing a copy you’ll also get a World of Warcraft key, with all expansions up to Warlords of Draenor, 30 days game time, Medivh Mage hero portrait for Hearthstone and Gul’dan for Heroes of the Storm.

It’s an impressive bundle of deals and giveaways, I’ll certainly be taking advantage of a couple.

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