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The Road To PAX: Forts

The hype is real! PAX Australia is now less than a month away. Here’s one of the many things on our list that we cannot wait to see!

We first got hands on with Forts at AVCon 2016 in the Indie Games Room and instantly fell in love with it.  A physics-based real time strategy game, players are tasked with building, arming and defending their massive forts while trying to destroy their opponents. Think The Incredible Machine meets Worms. Yuuuup.

What we played at AVCon was single player versus AI only but we were told there will be multiplayer of up to eight people (oh, the shenanigans!) when the game releases. We were surprised by the depth of tactics, not only in the range of weapons and defensive options, but the role of physics in the game. It’s immensely satisfying to destroy a poorly placed and exposed structural support and see your opponents fort tumble to a ground. Ahhh, glorious destruction!

Developer EarthWork Games will be at PAX Australia in November with Forts and we’re told competitive multiplayer will be available. We’re going to be all over it and if you’re at PAX hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll take you on!

Forts has a scheduled release in the first quarter 2017 release on PC.


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