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Spryke Kickstarter launches

I’ve always been somewhat of a reluctant Kickstarter backer. While I like to support projects and ideas I’m also cautious of backing the wrong horse. It’s not so much that I fear a project not being successful or that I won’t receive a product, rather that the finished product won’t be what I envisioned. This is particularly true of games – there are plenty of triple a games that turn out to be a disappointment, why would a Kickstarter be any different?

Fortunately, backing Spryke – by Volnaiskra out of Melbourne – was an easy call. We got to play it in the Indie Games Room at AVCon 2016 and I was hooked right off the bat. It feels similar to Super Meat Boy, fast and punishing, but with some unique mechanics of it’s own and with a graphical style far more easy on the eye. Hey, don’t get me know we love a retro look, but it’s nice to an indie title put that aside and go for straight out gorgeous, which is exactly what Spryke does.

Spryke stands out across a room with it’s bright palette, beautiful backgrounds and fantastic animations. It’s the kind of game that is nearly as enjoyable to watch as it is to play, not to mention to listen to. We don’t know how much work went into the version we played, but I can tell you it was polished, slick and super fun.

When people talk about the Australian games industry, they say that the Aussie indie scene is exceptional, and Spryke is shaping to be one the games that will add to that reputation.

The Kickstarter is up now and there is a mountain of information and gameplay tidbits for you to check out. Spryke is currently slated for a late 2017 release.

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