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AVCon 2016 – Jordo’s top picks from the Indie Games Room

When one man turns to you and asks, can you write about my three favorite games from the Indie Games Room at AVcon 2016, it isn’t a request that’s taken lightly or for granted. Only after much contemplation, introspection and soul searching did we agree to this, a most honorable and serious of undertakings. So, it is with great pride I present to you dear readers, Jordo’s top picks from the Indie Games Room at AVcon 2016.

Spookums – Koala Tea Games


Spookums is a well-crafted and interesting point and click puzzle game revolving around you, a ghost trapped in a mansion with a mission to scare an unsuspecting visitor into collecting items throughout the house which will lift the curse binding you to the mansion and resurrect you to your corporeal form. The catch, you can only interact with items throughout the house to scare your visitor into collecting the items throughout the house. Scare them too much and the visitor will tuck tale and bolt from the mansion leaving you trapped.

Developed by a small Adelaide based team Koala Tea Games, Spookums inception came about as a result of the Global Game Jam held this year at Academy of Interactive Entertainment. A beautifully designed game providing loads of excitement, excellent animations and a wonderfully balanced ‘scare meter’ managing to maneuver your visitor into the right rooms, stairways basement and attic is feat that takes timing, skill and patience. (Brad: Super impressed with how far this game has come in such a short time! Really looking forward to see more and more of it!)

Absolutely one of the top picks from the Indie Games Room, Spookums is to be released on PC, and hopefully iOS and Android in the near future.

Retro Vision – Kyle McKellar

Retro Vision is a first person music based runner where the goal is to maneuver around a track to avoid obstacles. Now you might be thinking, not another speed runner, but the simplicity of the game is one if it’s greatest features. Being able to sit down and pick up the controller and be instantly on your way is no mean feat. Simple yet intuitive controls, and an incredible visual design, Retro Vision nails the fine line between simple and super addictive and it seemed everyone was talking about it.

With an environment that interacts in unison with the score, it has a strong Tron feel visually and has a way of immersing you in the speed run itself. Even in the bustling thriving flux of gamers packed into the Indie Games Room, for those few minutes that you’re white knuckling that controller, it’s as if you are physically in the game itself.

With a focus on extensive level and game customization, music randomization and a heavy competitive feel, this is definitely one to watch out for. Developed by Kyle McKellar you can expect to get your hands on this incredibly addictive music based runner early 2017.

The Eyes of Ara – 100 Stones Interactive

The Eyes of Ara is an interactive puzzle adventure game set in an ancient castle within a stunning 3D environment. With a dark and foreboding feeling the game centers around a radio technician sent to investigate a mysterious radio signal emitting from somewhere within the castle.

With a mysterious and unsettling past, secret rooms, intricate puzzles, lost treasures and long forgotten secrets the atmosphere and immersion in The Eyes of Ara are beautifully woven into a tapestry of intrigue and shadows. Whilst we only managed to get a small glimpse of what to expect from the full game it’s clear that the elaborate puzzles, detailed environment and dark history are going to make for an incredible experience.

As a solo project it’s clear that the environments, themes and atmosphere have been expertly created by Ben Droste to a meticulous level, and is absolutely worth adding to your wish list. Just release as of the 19th of July, you can pick up The Eyes Of Ara on Steam and the Humble Store right now….what are you waiting for?

What were your favorites from this years Indie Games Room? Let us know in the comments below, sing it from the top of your lungs on Facebook or tweet us.




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