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AVCon 2016 – Brad’s top picks from the Indie Games Room

It’s hard to believe there was a time that I didn’t pay attention to indie games. The last few weeks have changed that completely and after an incredible weekend in the Indie Games Room at AVCon I could not be more hooked. There was an incredible array of indie games and I loved every minute of playing them and talking to the folks behind them.

Every game that was there deserves a mention and given the time we’d tell you about them all. We’ve got plenty of interviews coming so you’ll see a lot more, but for now these are my three favourite indie games from the Indie Games Room.

Forts – EarthWork Games

Forts is a physics based action RTS in development by Brisbane studio EarthWork Games and it’s my favourite game from the weekend. In short the game has you build a fort and then use it to destroy the opposing fort before they destroy you. Sounds simple right? It was a feel similar to Worms however adds in resource management, in depth strategies and real time game play. It’s worms but deep, complex and time sensitive. Also you can’t move around. And..well, there are no worms. So…it kind looks a little like worms but that’s pretty close to where the comparisons end.

I played a PvE encounter and was instantly impressed with the depth of the game. A wide variety of weapons, many of which have hard counters, resource management, time constraints not to mention someone lobbing missiles at you across the map, you need to be thoughtful and quick in equal amounts. Not only do you need to build a fort to be an incredible weapons platform, you need to ensure it’s not going to topple over when sneezed on.

Forts will release with both co-op and competitive play as well and while we didn’t get to try the multiplayer I’m already in love with with this game. I cannot recommend it enough, this game gets my best in show with ease.

Heist – Atomizer Games

Being a sneaky bastard is about my favourite thing in gaming and Heist is all about being sneaky. In a fantastic noir setting you play as a cat-burglar in seek of riches. Using non-lethal tools is all about staying in the shadows and distracting those that would prevent you stealing the goods.

Heist is currently in development by Atomizer Games from Melbourne. It has an excellent set of core mechanics that you would expect in a stealth game but what really sets it apart is its excellent setting. It has an incredible Dick Tracy feel to it and the soundtrack is perfect. It’s like setting foot onto a 50s movie set.

Heist looks great, has been Greenlit and is coming out…..soon ™.

The Desperate Mile

Much like Jake I was surprised by the complexity of The Desperate Mile. Because of its top down view I expected it to be a simple action game when in truth it feels more like a throwback to survival games of old. It recreated the feeling of not wanting to shoot an enemy because you’re not sure where you’ll find your next bullet and that every little piece of health mattered. Plus not being able to tell who to trust and just wondering what the hell of was actually going on.

Don’t let this one fool you. It’s got great depth, plays well and knows the genre. It goes in the must have pile for me.

What were your favorites from this years Indie Games Room? Let us know in the comments below, sing it from the top of your lungs on Facebook or tweet us.

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