You Have the Power to Fight COVID-19 : International Supercomputing

The Power Is Yours!
It’s easy to feel powerless, with the epidemic spread of COVID-19 (aka Corona virus, SARS CoV 2). Our society and communities are changing rapidly to limit the threat. You can join the fight with Folding@Home ultilisng your GPU/CPU to run life saving simulations.

The Folding@Home team is an incredibly experienced group of computational biologists and biophysicist. Together Folding@HOME utilises the computing power from over 100,000 citizen scientists, and with resources from partners such as NVIDIA, ATI, and Cauldron Development. In 2016 the team reached a goal of harnessing the power of over 100 petaFLOPS, and have been actively contributing in the areas of neurological disease, infectious disease, and cancer research.

We’ve created a Folding@Home D1DLC team, and we’re hoping you’ll join us in the fight against COVID-19. Get started by downloading the application client from the Folding@Home website – our team number is 238751. You can check on our contributions so far on the team statistics board.

It’s super easy to set up, with preferences available for power access settings for when you are working or when your device is idle. Here is a look of the web control panel:

For anyone wanting more detail of the exact simulations Folding@Home is running for COVID-19 research support, they have updated a recent blog with all the protein folding simulation details.

Here’s a quick video explaining what the lab was up to this time last year.