WTF Is A Podcast?

WTF is a podcast?

Simply put, a podcast is an audio file available via an RSS feed. Generally they are discussion shows but there are definitely other audio formats such as the excellent Coverville podcast.

Why do I want to listen to one?

Mass media has been incredibly slow to adjust to the generational shift in content demands. Unless you want to listen to talkback gardens shows on the ABC or ‘humorous’ commentary on Shane Warne’s love life then radio stations may not be providing you with the content you want. Take us for example, where else can you hear people talking about gaming with a unique focus on Adelaide and Australian developers?

I don’t want to sit at my PC and listen to it though, can I listen in the car or bus?

Sure can, in fact I listen to podcasts almost exclusively on public transport.

Ok. So ahhh….how?

If you have an iPhone or iPad you simply search for the podcast you want (for example D1DLC) in the iTunes store and subscribe. Every new episode will automatically download when you’re on a Wi-Fi network and automatically delete when you’re done. How easy is that? (Very easy is the correct answer)

If you’re using an Android phone you have a few more choices, such as Stitcher or Podbean. Personally, I use an app called Pocket Casts (which is developed in Adelaide no less!) and have found it to be perfect for the task, performing as iTunes described above.

Ok, sounds amazing! How much does it cost?


Ok, some podcasts do have a charge but most (including ours) do not. If you want to support the podcast that would be amazing and we’ll have ways for you to do so in the future, but right now just listen, provide feedback, attend local gaming events and support local games developers. We believe that we can play a part in making Adelaide the games development capital of Australia (just to start with!) but it’s a long road and it’s nothing without you.

Where else can I find you?

We’re on social media of course




Ok, you guys are great and I’m going to tell everyone I know about you. Do you listen to any other podcasts?

There are so many podcasts a definitive list is not possible. We love to support locals though, so these are (just some) of the great Aussie podcasts we listen too.

The Hungry Gamers – Exceptional Aussies news and views, as well as keeping you up to date on local events.

OK Games – The podcast of the independent Australian gaming website OK Games.

The Aussie Gamers Express – As it sounds, Aussie Gamers talk gaming. A fiercely honest and genuine podcast.

Player2 – a general gaming podcast from the Player2 website.

Static Podcast – Hosted by the amazing Rae Johnston with guests from Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker. Less gaming, more tech and lifestyle.

The Fourth Player – Very much an industry perspective this is a great show and provides excellent insight from those in and formally in the gaming industry

Game Hugs – one on one interviews with people in the gaming industry. Insightful, honest and excellent.

The Action Points Podcast – If tabletop/board games are your thing, this is the podcast for you. We’ve picked up so many great games from these guys



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