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Where Are They Now: PAX AUS Indie Showcase 2018 – Spin Rhythm XD

PAX AUS 2018 had stellar selections for the Indie Showcase.
We thought you’d want to know what these amazing Aussie devs think about their 2018 PAX Aus Indie Showcase experience, and what they’ve been up to since then.

Where Are They Now: PAX AUS Indie Showcase 2018
Spin Rhythm XD – Super Spin Digital

If you missed Spin Rhythm XD, it’s an addictive music rhythm game, by the Melbourne based crew at Super Spin Digital. As a huge music game fan, I fell in love with the touch screen controls on the mobile beta version, and the DJ deck controls that were available at the showcase. Spin Rhythm XD is intuitive and fun, while giving veterans of the genre plenty of options to challenge themselves.

Super Spin Digital landed a mobile publisher (Habby) just before PAX AUS 2018 at Gamescom. This focused the team on mobile development, before going back to polish the PC build in 2019.

With their success at Gamescom and PAX AUS, we asked if the Spin Rhythm team had any advice for other devs showing games at PAX AUS in the 2019 Indie Showcase. Dave from the team took the time to provide a few tips.

“…Prepare well. Have your Steam page wishlisting ready to go, have your socials set up, mailing list ready for people to sign up, business cards, and all the info you need to sell the game to anyone. Treat every person at your booth as if they’re the biggest streamer / press / industry contact at the event.

…we have always had a tutorial which takes around 1 minute to complete, and 3 minute levels. This meant that no one was playing for more than 4 minutes total. This keeps the line moving and creates a space where everyone feels like they will get a go. When there are hundreds of competing games for attendees to see, we feel this is super important.

Also make sure you have enough staff so that if someone is in an important conversation, another can run the booth while the third is taking a loo break.”

They’ve recently announced Early Access coming to Steam on October 22nd¬†with iOS and Android platform releases planned. I’m thrilled to hear that Spin Rhythm XD will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020! It’s the perfect platform for a game like this, where tactile touch screen controls are a game changer.

Dave from the Spin Rhythm XD team said that unfortunately the game will not be on show at PAX this year.

“The vibe of PAX Aus is what I believe to be the best of all the PAX events we have attended. The experience of PAX Aus is so smooth and so easy, it’s such a great event.
We will not be attending [PAX AUS 2019], sadly… …we’re busy working on the game for Q4 2019 early access release. All the best to the other attendees this year.”

While I’m sad they won’t be showing this game again at PAX AUS 2019, I can not wait to own this game and get my intergalactic music game fix. October 22nd can’t come soon enough!

If you want more details about the game, visit the Super Spin Digital team on their dedicated Spin Rhythm Discord server, and follow them on twitter @SpinRhythmGame.