What’s on and what’s out: 12/05 – 19/05

A quieter week than last with no events of note (that we know of) and two releases the team have cooled on. Will you be picking up Doom or rushing to see X-Men on release day? Let us know! As always you can see the full list of events here and if you think we need to add something, get in touch

May 13Doom (PS, XB, PC)

We were super hyped for this game when we first saw it but after playing the multiplayer and being unable to try out the solo campaign we’re not sure. Add to that the upcoming release of Overwatch and Total War: Warhammer and we’re not sure if Doom still deserves our hard earned cash.

Are we wrong? Are you playing Doom? Let us know.

May 19X-Men: Apocalypse (Movie)

Much like Doom, we’ve cooled on X-Men: Apocalypse somewhat. We all loved First Class and Days of Future Past but for reasons unknown we’re not kicking down the cinema door to get in. Maybe superhero movie burnout is real or maybe they’re so good now unless they are amazing we’re happy to give it a miss, we’re not sure. All except for Adam anyway, he’s SUPER pumped for this.

Did we miss something? A major release, a local event, something you think we need to share with the world? Let us know!

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