Turning my back on Bethesda

Bethesda have me pretty riled up at the moment. Game developers and publishers are as human as the rest of us and can make mistakes. Everyone loves to take a pot-shot at Ubisoft for glitches in The Division or Blizzard for always promising content quicker than they deliver, but they’re not trying to deceive or take advantage of consumers. While I once thought the same of Bethesda, with the release of Doom and their deafening silence on the Australian Steam price point, I can see no other conclusion.

Right now on Steam you can buy Doom for $59 US if you live in the US. If you live in Australia however, it will cost you $79 US. You’re reading that right. That’s a 25% increase in price for a digitally delivered product based solely on where you live. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we at D1DLC call “fucking bullshit”.

You might be thinking “It’s ok, I’ll get it from EB, Target or Green Man Gaming for a reasonable price” and sure that’s an option. But there are plenty of people that are less savvy than that. People that think the price on Steam is the price everywhere. They’re more casual gamers, less entrenched in the gaming community and they make up the vast majority of gamers. But being able to buy it through other means is beside the point.

This is a company that thinks it’s ok to charge you 25% more for a product for no reason. At all. It’s a shit thing to do. You should not buy this game, not on Steam or anywhere else. You deserve better treatment than being nickled and dimed and then ignored. Remember that every time you support an organisation that is happy to screw you over, you make it easier for them to do it the next time.

Foxtel sends it’s regards.

There is more to this than simply us getting ripped off, we’re also getting treated with utter disdain. When Bethesda are asked to comment, we get nothing. They refuse to acknowledge the question at all, that’s how little they care about the Australian consumer. Why? I can think of not one single reason to completely ignore the question other than knowing, without a doubt, you’ve done the wrong thing.

Hey, maybe it’s just me. Maybe you’re happy with organisations knowing they can charge you more because you live in Australia. Maybe you think Doom is worth encouraging publishers to act like this. That’s up to you. I’m not ok with it. I’m not ok with Bethesda. So I’m done with them. Much like the Xbox One, SimCity and Foxtel before them, I’m going to vote with my wallet and give pretty much everything Bethesda do a miss. That’s no easy thing to do – not only have I been looking forward to Doom for ages, Dishonored 2 is was on my must play list. They make good games, games I want to play. But not enough to be treated like this.

Everyone needs to pick their own point to say enough is enough. For me, this is it.




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