Top Gaming Snacks

There is nothing better than settling in for a marathon gaming session with your favourite snacks in reach. Whether the snacks are sweet or savoury, crunchy or chewy, we need the energy to explore through labyrinthsreach the top of mountains, disrupt the matrix, or pull apart our devices to make them better, stronger, faster. The D1DLC crew all responded to the question “What are your 2 top favourite gaming snacks?” – now we see their answers revealed!

9/ Pretzels

Adam picked pretzels as one of his favourite gaming snacks. You really can’t go wrong with this classic snack, except they do make you thirsty.

8/ Alcohol

Brad loves drinks with his games. Beers for shooters, Gin for strategy games, and Red Wine with Eve Online. Gotta love the alliteration with that last pairing.
After Brad’s inclusion of alcohol as one of his favourite snacks, this has inspired us to also share our favourite gaming drinks (article coming soon).

7/ Primal Pods

Primal Pods contain what Natalie can best describe as veggie chips and jerky. Made in Adelaide, this is one of Natalie’s favourite go to snacks because they are tasty, convenient, nutritious, and are free of nasties.

6/ Nuts!

For a healthy option, Ben currently chooses almonds and walnuts. High in protein, filling, and easy to eat between turns in Civ VI. Podcast regular Nick also had nuts as one of his favourite snacks, opting for Red Rock flavoured and coated peanuts.

5/ The Humble Potato Chip

Ben and Aido picked fancy chips in their favourite gaming snacks lists. Ben loves Kettle Chilli flavoured chips, but regrets to inform us they are currently not loving him. Aido chooses the Lime and Black Pepper chips from Red Rock Deli as his favourite chips.

4/ Doritos

Jake and Jordo had the courage, power, and wisdom, to choose the sacred, cheesy, golden triangle of crunchy deliciousness as one of their favourite gaming snacks. Both specified Nacho Cheese as their go to flavour.

3/ FruChocs

Aido, and podcast regular Nick, both had FruChocs in the list as their favourite sweet treat. Made in South Australia, these tasty chocolate coated peach and apricot pieces are delicious, and are absolutely “eat the whole packetable”.

2/ Chicken Nuggets

Both Jake and Nat love the nuggs, although they disagree on who makes the best ones. Jake chooses KFC for his nugget fix, while Nat heads to Maccas. Winner winner, chicken nugget dinner!

1/ M&M’s

Brad, Jordo, and Adam all nominated M&M’s as one of their favourite gaming snacks, making them the overall favourite D1DLC gaming snack! Brad specified that his favourite are Crispy M&M’s, while Adam’s M&M’s variety of choice is the tried and true Peanut M&M’s.


What are your favourites? Are there any we’ve missed that we have to try?

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