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The Wind in the Great Evertree – A Review of Everdell

Everdell is beautiful.

The premise of Everdell is quite simple. You are a small family of woodland creatures trying to make the best community at the foot of the Great Evertree. You do this by building homes and shops, then attracting villagers to come and live and work in them.

Your turn consists of doing one of two things; place a family member (worker) or play a building/villager card, paying any associated costs. When you can’t do either of these, you recall your workers and progress to the next season. Starting in winter, your game is finished when you have progressed through each season and cannot take any additional actions at the end of autumn. Keep in mind however, that others may still be playing their game!

While playing it with my kids, I found that you can almost ignore the points and just enjoy building the best community you can. However the is a decent level of strategy in finding the right combination and when playing with friends things can get quite cut-throat. Some action spaces for workers only allow the first worker placed, and some cards played will negatively affect your opponents!

The thing I enjoyed most about Everdell however is the art and theme. The art on the cards is gorgeous and gives each character in the game its own personality. The Evertree itself looms large over the play area, and while gimmicky does help with the feeling of playing in an enchanted forest. I have felt at more than one time playing Everdell that I’ve been transported to the world of The Wind in the Willows, half expecting the next card to be turned over to be one of my old friends; Mole, Rat, Toad or Badger.

I would very much recommend Everdell for anyone who enjoys, and has played a few worker placement games, and is able to pick up the interactions between the cards.

I would also recommend Everdell to anyone who wishes to be transported to a magical woodland kingdom where they can create their own wondrous community, which should hopefully include everyone.

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