Take a Gander at Desktop Goose

Have you found yourself missing the Untitled Goose, from the smash hit Aussie game The Untitled Goose Game (House House)”?

Now you can get a goose on your desktop that will create mayhem and bring back those Untitled Goose feels. Thanks to Samperson via, you can have your very own Desktop Goose.

The Desktop Goose has been created to provide the occasional honk, track mud through your screen, and bring you goose related memes and cute Goose Not-epad messages.

I’m trying to work here!

Any time you close a meme or Goose Not-epad message the Desktop Goose will chase and steal your mouse cursor.

If you are looking for more chaos, Samperson has provided all the tools needed to dial up the aggression of the Desktop Goose. Check out the Read me Honk! file for instructions on how make the most of your new desktop “friend”.

The Desktop Goose is diabolical, and definitely not a honking charming distraction from work.

Download the Desktop Goose from