Six reasons to be excited about Battleborn

1. It’s got Borderlands in its blood

Borderlands was a wildly successful game and for good reason. It was humorous, surprisingly deep and nailed its core mechanics – great gunplay and massive amounts of loot. A FPS (first person shooter) with role playing game elements and guns, guns, guns, it stood tall as a genre bending game and maintains a strong following years on.

Battleborn continues the theme as FPS meets MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). More big numbers, more hilarious character commentary and a different but still unique art style. Not only that, but Borderlands did right by players. Top quality DLC at a good price, ongoing support to this day and exceptional community interaction.

The lessons learnt from Borderlands bode well for Battleborn. If it can continue with the tradition of exceptional co-op gameplay, add PvP, maintain its humour and continue to engage the community, it has great potential.

 2. But it’s not Borderlands

It would have been easy for Gearbox to set this game in the Borderlands universe. It’s got crazy characters, distinctive skills and Borderlands humour. Instead they’ve created another, all be it almost destroyed, universe. It’s a brave decision and one that pays off.

There is no wondering if Claptrap is going to be a playable character, trying to figure out how the vaults will interact and no danger of trying to meld to the Borderlands rules. It’s free to be something new. And is does so impressively. Five factions, a universe in peril, wildly varied locations and some genuinely insane races, breaking away from Borderlands gives Battleborn license to turn the crazy up even further.

Battleborn may have Borderlands blood in its veins but make no mistake, it’s a franchise unto itself.

3. It’s incredibly deep

With 25 characters at launch, each character with multiple levels to unlock new abilities, increasing customisation, tons of loot you’ll struggle to find the game stagnant. And levelling/unlocking characters is only the beginning.

There is the story mode with four difficulty settings, online and local co-op and competitive ranked play. If you ever manage to unlock, level up and master all the characters at your disposal, you’ll still be working hard to earn that sweet, sweet high-end loot.

Battleborn 2

4. Its characters are fantastic

Arguably Gearbox’s greatest strength is the characters they create. Borderlands gave us Miss Moxxie (and family!), Handsome Jack and Tiny Tina. Battleborn is bringing us 25 more memorable characters (just at launch) and they have an incredible amount of personality. From Montana’s playful banter, Oscar Mike’s bro gamer attitude or Orendi’s batshit crazy taunts you’ll get to know your character and teammates well.

You’ll also quickly learn of the characters unique relationship with each other. Oscar Mike and Whiskey Foxtrot will react differently with each other than with other characters, fleshing out their relationship and characters in the heat of battle and expanding the story of the Battleborn universe. That banter will only drive your desire to complete the lore unlocks and learn exactly what happened between Klesse and ISIC.

5. It has local co-op

Ok, we mentioned it once but we’re mentioning it again. We love local multiplayer at D1DLC. Borderlands persisted with split screen when it came to consoles and Battleborn is following suit. Fragging with friends online is great, but fragging with friends at home is bliss. Not to mention it’s a great way for you to share the joy of gaming with your friends and family!

6. It’s a lot of fun

There are lots of reasons to play games but sometimes we forget that fun is one of them. Battleborn is fun. Giant sentry bots that think they’re spiders, a marine that can’t count, insane five v five PvP or up to five person co-op, post kill taunts, powerful cool-downs and a bright and colorful palette.

There is a lot to be said for deep, challenging and moving games. Sometimes though, it’s nice to just be a badass.

“Heyoo!” – Steve


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