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Roccat Kone EMP Review

Kone EMP Gaming Mouse

It’s no surprise, we here at D1DLC love our Roccat gear and it’s not only because their logo is amazingly similar to the Thundercats. As it turns out they have some pretty amazing gear on the market already, and today we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the Roccat Kone EMP and if we think you should have it on your shopping list.


The new ROCCAT Kone EMP gaming mouse has hit Aussie shores and we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on one thanks to the folks at Roccat. Coming in at $139au the Kone EMP is the successor to the previous Kone XTD, and whilst it looks and feels relatively similar, there are some very nice internal upgrades, not least of which is the brand-new Owl Eye technology, but more on that shortly.

The overall specs the Kone EMP boasts Omron main switches with TTC Red and Blue supporting switches, 9 programmable buttons, a rather weighty 116g and 135*75*42mm dimensions. And of course, the Owl Eye Sensor.

Kone EMP Specifications


Anyone familiar with the Kone XTD will be right at home here with pretty much the exact same external design including RGB lighting, logo and as we mentioned before, 9 programmable buttons. The only option omitted from the Kone EMP is the weight adjustment function. This isn’t an issue though, as the standard weight of the Kone EMP is fantastic providing excellent all round balance.

With that said it is very much a palm grip design, so anyone used to finger grip style mice may take a little while to warm up to it. After a few hours of use the palm grip, weight and contours of the Kone EMP were fantastic, with a very comfortable and controllable design.

Roccat Kone EMP


One of the main marketing pushes from Roccat is the all new Owl Eye optical sensor technology. The technical parts used for the Owl Eye sensor is the PixArt 3361 which is essentially a custom version of the 3360 sensors (used in the Corsair M65 pro and SteelSeries Rival 700 for example). By all accounts, the Owl Eye sensor functions as you’d expect from a high-end sensor, pretty much flawlessly with exceptional responsiveness. From the slightest of flicks to wide arcs I had no problems with tracking with one of the smoothest mice I’ve used.

Kone EMP Owl Eye Sensor

Build Quality

I have to admit that my initial reaction to the Kone EMP was that if felt slightly on the cheap side, with a plastic outer shell and an ever so slightly lighter weight to it. This is predominantly due to the fact that the Razer Naga Hex is my main mouse for the past….well, let’s just say it’s a long time, and I’m very old! Technically the Naga Hex is slightly weightier at 135g and has a more solid outer shell. With that said after a relatively short adjustment time, I quickly came to the realisation that the Kone EMP smacks of quality, durability and top notch components. Tactile and responsive main buttons using Omron D2FC-F-7N switches and all ancillary buttons using either red or blue TTC switches, excellent scroll wheel and a surprisingly well contoured palm rest, the Kone EMP feels every bit a high-end gaming mouse.

The cable is smartly braided and comes in at around 1.8m which was more than enough for my desk setup.


As with all Roccat products, the swarm software is an essential companion to ensure you have complete control over all button mapping, speed, responsiveness and of course LED management. We’ve previously had some concerns with the Roccat SWARM software requiring multiple downloads and firmware updates, however with the latest swarm software (Driver v1.92), we were unable to fault it with just two swarm software downloads and updates, and we were good to go!

Change all button mappings, lighting effects, sensor responsiveness, everything is yours to alter as you see fit.

Roccat Swarm Software


Overall after some adjustment time I loved the quality of the Kone EMP, the supporting software gave complete control over any and all tweaks I could want, and provided exceptional tracking and responsiveness with the new Owl Eye sensor technology. The only thing that brings the Kone Emp down slightly for me is the lack of ambidextrous support, the slightly lighter weight (for me personally based on my Naga Hex familiarity) and the size of the palm grip which is significantly larger than most mice I have used previously.

Without question the Kone EMP continues the exceptional level of quality we are coming to expect from Roccat, and is quite possibly my favourite gaming mouse right now.

The Roccat Kone EMP comes it around $139 AU which is an excellent price just above the the SteelSeries Rival 700 and just below that of the Razer Naga Epic and Logitech G900. Not a bad spot to be in at all.

Roccat continues to impress with the Kone EMP

Looking for a high-end gaming mouse that won’t completely break the bank, then the Roccat Kone EMP is poised nicely at the $139 mark and provides everything you want from a top of the range gaming mouse. 

The Roccat Kone EMP gets a hefty 4/5 beards!

4 Out of 5 Beards

Too many words? Just want to sit back and relax? Well, you can also check out our complete video review below!