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OP or not, Bastion is a problem

There is a bit of divide between Overwatch players (vocal ones at least) and some sections of the gaming medi0 at the moment. While pretty much everyone loves Overwatch, the disagreement essentially boils down to old mate Bastion and exactly how powerful (or overpowered) he is.

While there has been a loud outcry from many players, some games media sites have run articles saying he’s not overpowered, listing counters or linking videos of him being destroyed. This is essentially saying “Git Gud” but in 500 words on a paid publication rather than the comments section of IGN. One of my favourite examples is a list of characters and their “counters” which lists Reinhardt as a counter to Bastion and then later Bastion as a counter to Reinhardt.

Wait wut?

Overpowered or not (he is) this argument misses the point. Playing against Bastion is not fun and that’s the problem. Almost every time I call it quits for the night in Overwatch it’s after Bastion mowing down countless teammates in an incredibly difficult position to counter. That’s what Bastion does, he makes me not want to play.

I know the argument that there are counters to Bastion and there certainly are. They are few but they exist. The main problem with the vast majority of conversations about countering Bastion is that talk about it like he exists in a vacuum. As if with the right character you can engage him in one on one combat and kick his teeth in. It’s not me vs Bastion though. Give me that showdown and I’ll back myself every time. Overwatch is a six vs six game and the other five opponents are unlikely to stand around and let me take on Bastion without interference.

“But Brad, you’ve got team mates too, just git gud scrub!”

Sure. So now what we’re talking about is having an entire team working together, changing characters and playstyle due to a single opponent. There is no other character that forces an entire team to change tactics and certainly not one that is so little fun to play against.

Further to that, the match then becomes all about taking Bastion down. Objectives are forgotten, other enemies are ignored, and your entire team is focused on trying to dislodge Bastion from the excellent position overlooking the objective he’s camped in. He can prevent you and your team from being able to do anything remotely objective based. It becomes a choice of drawing the opponents away from the objective to have actual fun in combat (and forfeiting any chance to win) or ignoring them completely to try and take Bastion down with enough people standing at the end to deal with five other opponents and take the objective.

If you think that’s ok because Genji can reflect from bullets from time to time, you are a fool.

So regardless of whether you think Bastion is overpowered (he is) or not, he’s just not fun to play against. He’s not fun to counter, or try to counter and it’s not fun to have to change an entire team make up to defeat one well-placed Bastion.

There is no doubt Blizzard need to make some changes to Bastion. Once they have, then we can have the conversation about Torbjorn and his turrets….

What do you think? Is Bastion to much? Let us know what you think in the comments and read our 200 word Overwatch review here. Not enough Overwatch for you? We talk Overwatch on Episode 14 of the D1DLC Podcast!

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