Next Level Accessibility – Gaming Beds

Bauhutte Gamine Bed

Why is life so complicated? Bauhutte have created the next level of innovation in gaming – the Gaming Bed!

Thanks to Google Translate, we can read the full description attached with this new product from Bauhutte.

“I wake up and move from my bed to my desk. Why is that so complicated? Gaming beds solve this problem… …As soon as you get up, you can watch a game or animation and realize a life cycle of falling asleep without difficulty.” 

Anyone else remembering the Axiom People from Wall-E right about now?

While this is being promoted to all people, the real winners of innovation like this are those bed bound due to illness or disability.

Bauhutte aren’t new to gaming innovation, and premium desk set ups. If you peruse their website, you’ll see all sorts of fantastic products designed to make life a little easier and products to create luxury gaming experiences. Check out their pullout bed designed for power naps at work to “increase productivity”.

Need a little power nap – try the Bauhutte Under Desk Bed

Check out the Bauhutte website for all the details.

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