Life Saving Blood Donations from South Aussie Gamers

South Aussie gamers have given generously, donating blood with The Drop AU Lifeblood Team, saving up to 9 lives!

I’m sure you’ve thought about it before. Donating blood is on the list for many as something they should do. If you’ve ever considered donating, but haven’t quite gotten there, now is the time to start. There are already South Aussie gamers giving blood, and you can join them!

The Drop AU Lifeblood Team are a community of gamers across the country who donate blood. This year the team has made 17 donations, potentially saving 51 lives!

Donating takes less than an hour of your time, you get a a delicious snack, and awesome “feel good” vibes for your trouble.

Check your eligibility now and nominate The Drop Au as your Lifeblood Team to join the team.
If you need any help or support, contact D1DLC on messenger, and Nat will help you out with getting started.

More amazing news from The Australian Red Cross Blood Service!

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service are also leading the way with COVID-19 treatment. Convalescent plasma from donors who have recovered from COVID-19 may be used to treat patients who are battling the live virus.