Jordo Plays Pony Island

I feel sorry for the people that buy this game for their kids due to the name… Pony Island. Because truly this game is NOT about a pony!

Generally I look for games that are different, games that like to manipulate the players themselves, and as I was hunting high and low for something to wet my appetite, I came across this little gem, a diamond in the rough #AladdinMovieQuote.

Pony Island Start MenuThe menu… a pixel based game but so cute and so colourful, 100% what you would expect from the title Pony Island.

Within minutes of starting Pony Island I was hooked! What kind of game doesn’t even let you start playing the game due to the player breaking the start button upon pushing it!?! After working out how to fix the start button I was able to finally start the game… or was I…

I was thrust into a very simple game of a pony jumping hurdles, simple yes, but I knew there was more to it. Shortly I had come to the end of this segment only to find myself having to do this again?!? What the?

In a mix of playing in the options menu and randomly ticking and flicking boxes and then jumping hurdles again I seem to have once again broken the game. But not just broken… Crashed!

Left feeling alone and on what looked to be the operating system of Pony Island I was confronted with a crash report, as anyone would have done I closed it… should I have closed it? I’m not too sure, but this game makes me think… what if I didn’t close it? What if I didn’t jump the hurdles? Would I have had the same outcome?

I soon find a file on the operating system advising me to launch the messenger app, and I do so…

Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… What the f&*k is that noise? I then notice that someone has messaged me and it’s displaying as an IM in the bottom corner of the screen beeping in a very creepy fashion.

Pony Island IM DesktopSomeone: Hello?
Me: Hello?
Someone: Can you help me?
Me: sure….

Note: I’m going to skip forwards from this point because I don’t want to spoil it any more that I already have…

My conclusion to this game… The developer Daniel Mullins is very clever and devious and I wonder to myself was this game based on any of his childhood nightmares? If you love quirky, twisted, I don’t know what’s happening but I love it! Puzzle style games this one is 100% for you.



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