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AVCon 2016 – Jake’s Top Picks from the Indie Games Room

As the sun sets on AVcon 2016 it’s time to take a quick look back at what the Indie Games Room served up to the eager masses of hungry gamers cramming into the Adelaide Convention Center. A star studded lineup of local and interstate talent graced the convention floors, from the one person wonders to talented teams of technical geniuses all were present to showcase their wares. Whilst the sheer number of games on display this year may have been enough to give you heart palpitations fear not! I’ve come up with my personal shortlist of games that deserve your attention in case you missed them in the indie tidal wave of 2016!

Backfire –  Zerobytes


Backfire is a retro arcade style top down shooter with an interesting twist…..the only way to maneuver is by firing. Shooting at a particular point propels you in the opposite direction making target acquisition and mobility a juggling act to ensure survival.

With an early 80’s visual style and retro music to boot, you’ll find it relatively easy to pick up but difficult to master requiring you to almost reverse your game play style to negotiate the physics based inertia generated from your weapons. With drones, sentries, mines hunters and seekers out to destroy you at every turn it creates a hectic and action packed experience.

A beautiful throwback to the old school arcade genre, Backfire looks to be a great nostalgia injection with an interesting twist on gameplay.

Jam It – Throwback Games


Sometimes simple is better. Jam It is an arcade style basketball game written and developed for the Commodore 64…..that’s correct, the Commodore 64! With up to 4 simultaneous players, in game statistics, commentary, halftime shows, action replays and a bunch of unlocks and difficulty levels, it’s astonishing to see what some incredible people can do with just 64k.

A simple yet immediately addictive and competitive game style, just one button is required to affect blocks, shots, steals and dunks. It’s almost impossible not to get sucked into the PvP competitive aspects of this game especially when there are 4 of you playing a 2v2 game….I can still hear the smack talk and cheers ringing in my ears as the final buzzer sounded.

Easily one of the standouts of the Indie Games Room in 2016 with the game being available digitally, C64 Disk, C64 Tape and a premium C64 Tape you cannot get more retro.

The Desperate Mile – Nineslice


The Desperate Mile is a somewhat deceptive game indeed. At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that it appears to be a relatively simple top down action game with a nice artistic style. To my surprise it’s a LOT more than that!

A dark atmospheric action adventure game with beautiful artwork and interesting level designs, The Desperate Mile combines elements of classic survival horror, dynamic combat systems, puzzle solving and a robust conversational system enabling the player to feel immersed in the story and exploration of Sojourn. Currently being developed for PS4 as part of Sony’s PlayStation First initiative this is absolutely a game to look forward to.

What were your favorites from this years Indie Games Room? Let us know in the comments below, sing it from the top of your lungs on Facebook or tweet us.

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