EB Games To Offer Refunds For Fallout 76 – ACCC Ruling

Gamers who were refused a refund for Fallout 76, from EB Games, are now eligible to get their cash back thanks to the ACCC.

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has found that EB Games representatives advised consumers that they were not eligible for a refund for the game Fallout 76. Gamers reported a variety of faults with the game (noted it a previous ruling), including problems with servers, lag, and graphics issues. These issues have been confirmed to be covered by automatic consumer guarantees, and EB Games must offer a repair, replacement or refund.

In the official media release today by the ACCC, the following details were shared:

“EB Games has provided a court-enforceable undertaking to the ACCC, committing to refund consumers who contacted EB Games between 14 November 2018 and 31 October 2019 to request a refund for the Fallout 76 game due to faults and were denied a refund.”

In the announcement today ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court stated:

“The Australian Consumer Law provides consumers with the right to ask for their choice of a repair, replacement or refund when they have purchased a product that has a fault which amounts to a major failure.”

“Retailers must ensure that they train their staff so they do not misrepresent to consumers their consumer guarantee rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including the right to obtain a refund in certain circumstances.”

This ruling follows another recent ruling by the ACCC, enforcing ZeniMax to refund consumers unhappy their Fallout 76 purchase.

The ACCC has defended the consumers right for refund in many high profile cases – including a $3 million ruling against Valve (Steam) in 2017.

It pays to know your consumer rights. If you have concerns about a digital purchase, please consult the ACCC.