Doom Multiplayer – The Good, The Bad and The Gibbed

With a weekend filled with sensational triple A beta titles, Doom stood among the crowd with its double barrel super-shotgun, cocked, loaded, and aimed directly at the craniums of Gearbox and Blizzard’s two heavy weights, Battleborn and Overwatch. It was time to put Doom to the test and see how Id’s latest installment in the franchise stacked up.

Unfortunately, a double barrel super-shotgun’s aim is not particularly good and much the same can be said for the Doom Multiplayer (MP) Beta. It misses the mark most of the time, while still managing to land a few critical hits.

The Doom multiplayer was split between the two game types unlocked for the beta, Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Warpath. TDM is fairly self-explanatory and Warpath is similar to a king-of-the-hill mode. Nothing too new here, although I did like the fact the control point for Warpath was mobile and slowly crept its way from one side of the map to the other, creating the opportunity for excellent ambushes and tight corridor fire fights on occasion. This of course is only possible when enemy demon spawns are not raining hell-fire down on everything that moves!

NewDoomMenuWhilst the multiplayer game types were not something that took my breath away, nor something that made me cringe, I was still highly optimistic that Doom would be able to deliver some exciting arena style combat in the tradition of the original Doom 1 and 2 titles. Unfortunately, after my eye caught site of the Loadout and Hack Module (think perk unlocks) menu items, I realized this was not going to be quite what I’d hoped for.

Enough about the menus and maps I hear you say, what was the actual gameplay like? Well, it was a mash between Quake Arena and Unreal Tournament if I had to throw out some examples. Fast paced, twitchy and full of split second gibbing. If you want to see what I’m talking about, check out our YouTube video at the end of the article. Be warned though, grown men cried in the making of this video!

For me I found the speed of the game to be slightly slower than I think it should be, and I sorely missed seeing the weapons strategically located around the map, twirling in their glorious 360 degree ark waiting for a hulking space marine to pick them up and wield them with precision and skill.

As it stands all weapons are located in your loadout options and spawn in with you as per many other standard MP games. Weapons can be unlocked by gaining XP and completing challenges during the MP game modes.  The same can be said for power ups or boosts located within the Hack Modules menu (although not all of these are found here, there are still some floating around in the map, the traditional green armour boost being one of them….and yes, it made me gush with nostalgia).

Doom Armor Power Up 2016
Doom Armor Power Up….a long time ago








Overall, I think that the Doom multiplayer gameplay falls short of what we were all hoping for when compared to the Doom’s of old. That said, I still think the core gameplay is exciting and addictive to anyone that enjoys FPS twitch shooters. What will be really interesting is to see how this style of gameplay transitions into the single player story mode.  Time will tell I guess, and I can guarantee that I will be playing the full version of this when it’s released on the 13th of May!


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