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Demo Impressions – Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank

Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank is a pirate and tabletop RPG themed addition to an endearing series of games by Tooki Palooki (New Zealand developer).
Natalie was lucky to receive early access to a demo of the game, and here are her first impressions.

A GIF of the game in development from Tooki Palooki on Twitter.

Firstly, the art style of this game is unique and characterful. The “hand-drawn” art style is incredibly charming and a perfect fit for the tone of the game.

The characters in the game are thoroughly entertaining. Chook is an introverted but opinionated ghost chicken, and Sosig is an inquisitive and kind blue cat. In previous games, they have gone on many short adventures together, including camping, clubbing, and solving crimes. Walk the Plank is a little different to previous games in that it has two main environments, the tabletop, and the island realm. During the tabletop scenes the game takes visual novel style approach, where you and your special animal friends share witty banter and discuss tabletop RPG conundrums.

Tooki Palooki shared some player cards via their Twitter account, to give us an idea of our characters strengths and weaknesses heading into their tabletop adventures.
Cow may be my spirit animal.

Exploration during the pirating adventures is led by Exley, your dungeon master. These sections use point and click style gaming. You chat with your friends to uncover clues, and solve mysteries. Interactions between the characters, and during 4th wall-breaking moments, were lighthearted, silly, and often cheeky. Once we had solved the mystery on the first island, we were able to take to the seas, to find a new locations and puzzles to solve.

I look forward to being able to dive in to the game more when it’s released. Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank will be available from the 17th of June, 2019, on Steam.

For anyone that’s been looking for a pirate themed point and click adventure, in a similar vein to Monkey Island, this will be one to check out.
If you haven’t had the chance yet to meet Chook & Sosig you can check out some of their other adventures at

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