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D1DLC complete thoughts: Assault Android Cactus review

We spoke about Assault Android Cactus on Episode 16 of the D1DLC Podcast. If you don’t want to listen to the whole show, or just need to know more about AAC right now, you can hear our thoughts here:

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Assault Android Cactus (AAC) is a frantic top down twin stick shooter, full of fun and personality. Released last year on the PC and now available on the PS4 it is one of the most surprisingly enjoyable games I’ve played.

AAC boasts an impressive roster of characters with an initial four available and four more unlocked through game play. Each has a unique playstyle and personality (<3 Starch). The dialog with each boss varies depending on the character, an impressive touch for an indie game and indicative of the level of detail.

Everything about this game flows so well. The music is perfectly suited, the level design is top notch, the art is beautiful, the enemies wonderfully varied, the boss fights are suitably intense and the co-op! If you are looking for a game to play with friends, this is it, this is everything local co-op should be.

Additionally there are weekly leader boards and a huge amount of unlocks to keep you coming back. My only criticism of this game is that I found the last boss to be overly difficult on easy. It should be challenging but on easy it was a little too difficult.

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Want to see Assault Android Cactus in action? Jordo plays it here:

Outstanding - a must play!

One of the most fun games we've seen this year. Fun, frantic and with amazing local co-op and personality. If ever there was a much play game, this is it.


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