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Brief Battles Launches on the Switch!

Now you can have your Brief Battles on the go, taking on your best buds in frantic, super-powered underwear fuelled combat where ever you are.

Adelaide made Brief Battles has been released today on the Nintendo Switch. The Juicy Cupcake team are thrilled to have Brief Battles now available on the Switch, and have taken some time to thank the people who have supported them on their journey.

The 2-man team (Andrew Freeth and Tim Tily) behind Juicy Cupcake have achieved great success with Brief Battles, their first major commercial title. The “butt-em-up” fun of Brief Battles is the perfect local multiplayer game for anyone who enjoys frenzied brawler party games. With muliplayer brawls and co-op/single player challenge modes, this is a game not to miss.

Brief Battles on the Switch feels like the game has finally found the home it was made for, alongside games like Brawlout and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The D1DLC team have been following the development journey of Brief Battles, and can’t wait to see what amazing content will the added to the game over time. We look forward to Juicy Cupcakes’ future projects!

If you have somehow missed the fun of this action packed game, don’t get your knickers in a knot. You can check out Brief Battles now on XBOX, PS4, and Switch.