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Borderlands 3 Reveal Leaves Us Wanting More

The Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer released today at PAX East! We’ve been waiting 6 long years since Borderlands 2 and we were primed and ready for this announcement. The internet has exploded with excitement!

What I love about this trailer is that it was pre-fixed with a very important announcement at PAX East from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford – “Battle Royale games are fun, but that’s not what we’re making”. Cue the marching band and parade!
The trailer leaves us with no indication that this will be a live service model game, however we will need to wait to find out if they have additional monitisation methods planned.

We saw some crazy new vehicles, including a giant tyre mono-cycle you can drive seated in the inner tube, hover vehicles, and mega mechs. And of course – how can we miss mentioning the highlight reveal of over one billion guns in game! Guns with legs, lasers, shock or cryo elements, and a gun so hard-core it requires an exhaust! With that many combinations, can we assume there will be loads of weapon and vehicle customisation coming our way.
The trailer is full of characters from previous games in the series. We see the return of the Hammerlock family, as well as a few of our favourite characters from Tales of the Borderlands including a moustache sporting Rhys, and an older looking August.
They’ve also shown action gameplay of sliding and shooting. The idea of sliding down a hillside taking out bandits, skags, and a host of new enemy types, leaving a dust cloud in our wake – Borderlands Bliss.
The team at gearbox have picked our favourite things from Borderlands 2, and have made them bigger and more bad-ass. There are also indications that story has not been forgotten, with clips of characters interacting with each other at seemingly impactful moments.

For now we have to wait. We’ll be keeping our eyes glued on the Borderlands website ( for more info on the 3rd of April.