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200 Words – The Technomancer

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The Technomancer is third person action RPG with excellent combat mechanics and a different and interesting plot. Unfortunately it lacks the ability to engage players in the character arcs and story line due to average voice acting performances and shallow scripting.

A mixed bag when it comes to inventory, graphics and questing with frustrating crafting and item maintenance, poor character models and far too many meaningless side missions with a number of annoying fetch quest objectives. And don’t get me started on the world map and in game map overlay!

Where The Technomancer really shines is in its relatively innovative combat system, allowing you to command multiple companions in the heat of battle, and hot swap between warrior, rogue and defender classes on the fly. This opens up so much freedom with fighting styles and allows you to destroy foes in dynamic and exciting ways.

It’s difficult not to compare The Technomancer with some absolutely outstanding games that sit within the genre such as Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4. With the bar set higher than ever in this category, The Technomancer struggles to keep up and overall falls far short of the standards expected from good action RPG’s.

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Want more The Technomancer? Check out the gameplay and extended review comments here:

Take a knee Technomancer, you’re on the bench.

Exceptional underlying plot and combat mechanics are severely impeded by a lack of execution in scripting, quests and voice acting. Overlooking its flaws is going to be a difficult sell for action RPG players with today’s standards.


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