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200 Words – Overwatch review

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A welcome change to the endless regurgitation of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, Overwatch is a FPS for people that don’t like FPS’. With its large and diverse roster it is incredibly impressive that no two characters feel alike and there is a play style to suit practically everyone.

Level design is exceptional and the modes are varied and fun. No death match mode is an inspired decision and reinforces the focus on objective based gameplay. This makes the game significantly more accessible, paving the way for considerably diverse players and playstyles alike. The ability to draw opponents away from the objective is as valuable, if not more so, than a clutch headshot.

While balanced extremely well there are some issues (hello Bastion) and the lack of meaningful character progression is a blessing and a curse. No matter when you jump in you won’t be behind the curve but without meaningful progression longevity may be an issue, although only time will tell.

Most of all, Overwatch is fun. With a group of friends it’s fast paced, frantic and satisfying and that’s where it’s at its best, with friends. We’re having a great time and will for weeks to come.

Fantastic and accessible team shooter

With short games, great characters, diverse abilities and objective focused gameplay, Overwatch delivers a fun, easy to pick up shooter with the extra polish you would expect from a Blizzard game.


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