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200 Words – Hitman: Paris review

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Hitman: Paris is an enjoyable return to the world of Agent 47 and while not perfect its core mechanics are in great shape. The tutorial is excellent and highlights the best thing about Hitman, the freedom to eliminate your target/s anyway you choose. Poison, a bullet, or a terrible ejector seat accident, completing your objective is open and clever. The macabre humour is also excellent.

The mission proper, Paris, was much larger than I expected and the options for completing the mission varied wildly. There are two targets and, avoiding spoilers, I took out the first with meticulous planning while the other was a spur of the moment kill when an opportunity unexpectedly presented itself.

The replayability is high thanks to the episodic release plus there are plenty of challenges and diverse ways to terminate your targets. Meanwhile ‘opportunities’ present an excellent guide to those that like a little more structure or are new to the franchise.

On the down side the voice acting is pretty terrible and makes me considerably less interested in an already uninspired plot. The hand to hand combat is clunky but to be fair if you’re in combat you’ve probably done something wrong.

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Freeform contract killing

The return of Agent 47 starts on a high and the episodic nature of the release feels like a good fit. The incredible freedom is a joy. If contract killing is your thing, get on it now.


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