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200 Words – Hard Reset: Redux

We spoke about Hard Reset: Redux on Episode 16 of the D1DLC Podcast. If you don’t want to listen to the whole show, or just need to know more about HRR right now, you can hear our thoughts here:

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Hard Reset Redux is a relatively simple, cyber punk themed shooter that sets you on a linear path, ambles its way through a negligible story line but manages to provide solid mechanics, weapons and enemies in its game play. At its heart the game is waves of robot mobs attempting to turn you into mincemeat and you blasting them into piles of scrap metal with cool guns and environmental booby traps.

A reboot of the original game Hard Reset, which was released in 2011, Redux adds a handful of reasonable new features such as the new quick dash move and rebalanced gameplay and enemy placements. The list of enhancements also includes a cyber-katana (which I’m yet to be able to see any value in for anything other than the simplest of mobs), and of course, zombies because we need MORE zombies these days…but their cyborg zombies so that’s ok right?

Overall Hard Reset Redux can bring new players to the story a fun but fleeting experience and perhaps a slight breath of fresh air to the dedicated players of the original. The issue is the game lacks some of the polish or ingenuity we are so spoiled with in shooters these days.

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Want more Hard Reset Redux? Check out the gameplay and review comments here:

A solid yet uninspiring shooter….with cyborg zombies!

Hard Reset Redux will find it difficult to get a spot in a lot of FPS gamer’s library with so many other shooter juggernauts out there. It is however a fun, fast paced shooter with some solid game play. Just don’t expect game of the year quality and you’ll be happy.


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