Meet Adam

AdsAdam is the man behind the D1DLC branding and a Transformers tragic.

What’s the first game you remember playing? Trollie Wallie – Amstrad 

What game have you spent the most hours playing? FFXIII aaaaaaaaaa (Pretty sure everybody already hates me for that. This was my first FF, so the nostalgia of 7 I never got to experience and the graphics currently are too low for me to try and sit through)

Who is your favorite video game Heroine? Claire Farron – Lightning 

Who is your favourite video game Villain? Demise from Skyward Sword 

Boxer or briefs? Boxers – let it hang free! 

Favorite gaming quote? Get over here! 

Favorite movie? Without a doubt – The 1986 Transformers movie 

Favorite Mark Hamill performance? Drinking blue milk on Tatooine 

What is your unpopular gaming opinion? I seriously hate FPS, they make me motion sick

The best YouTube clip you’ve ever seen?

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