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Tech of the Week: Level 20 Gaming Keyboard

This week’s Tech of the Week is Thermaltake’s Level 20 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard! This keyboard is built well, sturdy and features a plethora of RGB lighting.

First of all I would like to thank Taylor from Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand for hooking me up with this great keyboard. When I received the keyboard it was in a box much like you would get from a retailer. The graphics on the box look stunning and do the keyboard justice (haven’t been doctored!) The first thing I noticed when I opened the box up is this keyboard is HEAVY! No light flimsy plastic here! With an aluminium face plate, this keyboard feels amazing. A metal finish to something we usually expect to be matte or gloss plastic really makes you feel like you have an incredibly expensive keyboard in hand!

The Best Bits

Other than the face-plate I mentioned above, the keyboard has a great mechanical keys with Cherry MX keys available in both silver and blue, as well as Razer green. An interesting design feature is the “notch” or cut out between right control button and the arrow keys. It is designed to fit another peripheral cable, like a headset cable, through it for user friendly cable management (shout out to the cable management nerds out there!). I also used it to run a phone charger through while I was playing, to keep the cable away from the keyboard and mouse. Honestly, I really feel like this is an underrated feature. Previous keyboards haven’t catered to this and now if I use another keyboard I really do miss the feature.

Now just because this is branded as a gaming keyboard does not mean that it can’t be used as an everyday keyboard (like I am doing). This keyboard feels smooth to type on with the satisfying “click” of mechanical keys. The keyboard also has great media controls in the top right-hand corner of the keyboard for controlling iTunes or Spotify while you’re doing work or school assessments.

Do you like pretty lights? Having just RGB keys not enough for you? Well look no further than the Level 20 keyboard. Not only do you get the 16.8 million colour variations for the keys, there is also 13 lighting modes for around the keyboard’s 3 RGB edge strips (left, right and top sides). All of the lighting can be controlled by Thermaltake’s new iTake software, which is easy to install and use. There is also future plans for the Level 20 Keyboard to sync with Razer Chroma software.

The Not So Good Bits

Although this is a great keyboard I do have a couple of minor issues with it. Firstly, the keys feel slightly less indented than previous keyboards I’ve used. I quite like having indented keys as it gives my fingers a better “seat” to sit in while gaming.  Now if this isn’t an issue for you that’s fine but that’s just a personal preference for me.

Secondly, I wish this keyboard had is macro keys. I know a lot of people don’t use them but I love macro keys for both gaming and everyday use. At the touch of one button I can launch Chrome and load up D1DLC YouTube channel (shameless self-promotion). But in all seriousness it is a feature I used on my previous keyboard that I wish this keyboard had.


So other than my 2 small personal gripes with the keyboard that left me missing my older keyboard a tiny bit, this keyboard feels smooth, looks stunning, and functions well. If you are in the market for a new keyboard and you have around the $200 mark to spend (this keyboard retails for $199) than you should seriously consider this keyboard. I know there is still competition from other peripheral makers in this price range, but take my word for it – this keyboard is worth your consideration. Strong, sleek and colourful, the Thermaltake Level 20 keyboard is easily Thermaltake’s best keyboard, and would look real nice on your desk!

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