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Tech of the Week: RIG 300 Stereo Gaming Headset

This week I got my hands on the Planatronics RIG 300 Headset (thanks to DoubleJump Communications for hooking me up). This headset is on the cheaper end of the headset price range, retailing for $59.99. But in no way does that mean it’s a bad headset. I’m sure over the years of gaming we have bought a cheap headset and it’s been lightweight, probably broken and sounded horrible right? Well I don’t think you’ll have this issue with the RIG 300. With simple inline volume control and single 3.5mm connection it’s ready to use straight out of the box

The good bits:

I’ll start with, this headset is really comfortable. I have a big noggin, so some headsets clamp forces end up giving me a headache pretty quickly! But not the RIG 300, clamping force is great. Just tight enough you can move your head without the headset falling off but not too tight you feel like your head is in a vice. I did hours of speedrunning (yes speedrunning is one word, don’t even @ me) on my Nintendo Switch and it was comfortable the entire time I played, I didn’t once get the feeling of “headset fatigue”. Something a little different to other headsets, this headset has 3 adjustment settings on each ear cup, in which you can (quite literally) pop the ear cup out of the head band, and move it to one of the 3 locations on either side, and just pop it back in. Now I know you’re thinking only 3 adjustments doesn’t sound like much. But I got this headset to fit my head, my wife’s head and onto my kids head. All with just 3 adjustments on either side.

Now the mic sounds good, nice and clear for any in game chat, I wouldn’t recommend it for recording of podcasts or videos (you should look at the higher end of the market for a decent recording mic) but it does a good job for being on the lower end of the price scale for a gaming headset. It incorporates a noise cancelling feature in the microphone, which does work on most mid-range tone’s but obviously won’t be to the same level as some higher end stand alone mics . Vented earcups on the RIG 300 means you won’t end up over heating your ears or with mini buckets of sweat pouring out of the headset when you’ve hung them up for the night. However this obviously does allow a lot more noise in than conventional closed ear cups.

Now if you’re a parent or an older sibling and the youngin’s around you are getting into gaming, this headset is a great starting point not just because of all of the above. But it also has Soundgaurd technology incorporated in it which eliminates unexpected noise spikes, which will protect your (or the kids) ears.

The not so good bits:

I don’t have a lot to “complain” about with this headset. The build quality is obviously not going to match those headsets in the $250+ range, so it is predominately plastic. But you can’t expect stainless steel at this price point can you? Now although I have the vented earcups in the good bits above I do also need to note them here too. Your ears will love you for this feature but I wouldn’t recommend this headset if you are playing competitive games where hearing some softer noises can give you a distinct advantage ie CSGO or R6 Siege.

So all in all the Plantronics’ RIG 300 is a great “beginner“ headset. If you are in the market for a headset and have a limited budget or want something on the cheaper end of the scale then this headset is absolutely one to keep on the radar.

Thanks again to DoubleJump Communications for sending the review headset!

Stay tuned to D1DLC for more tech of the week coming soon!

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