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Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour – Review

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour (Bogus Detour) is the latest installment in the highly successful Serious Sam franchise, brought to you by Digital Devolver and Crackshell. This time around it’s in the form of a highly addictive two stick shooter and by the beard of Osiris, there’s a tonne of shooting to be had!

Over time Serious Sam’s creators Croteam have fine-tuned the all or nothing aspect of enemy placement across the entire Serious Sam series that the two stick shooter genre is built for, the fact that Crackshell have so brilliantly recreated this with an actual two stick shooter feels kind of natural. My only issue so far is that throughout the campaign it is enemy placement, not spawn. Once you’ve cleared an area it stays cleared. Combined with a key-card system of door puzzles it means you spend a lot of time exploring and back tracking, which can become tiresome quickly.

With that in mind, Bogus Detour emulates all of the previous entries in the franchise in that it only has two gears, first and fifth. You’re either insanely frantic, fighting for survival against hordes of enemies, or waiting for the next insanely frantic explosion fest.  The game isn’t difficult on Normal, although I’m yet to pass wave 5 of any survival map, but Hard and Serious ramp up the difficulty significantly to pose an extreme challenge.

Co-op and versus multiplayer modes are fantastic, and to me it’s obvious the game was designed with online play in mind. With sessions hosted locally, fine tuning settings and running custom maps is already fantastic and easy, with a Mod community springing up even during the beta period. As at launch I highly suggest grabbing the Vacation on Crab Island, Bomber Sam, and Bogus Detour Unlimited mods as soon as you install the game.

Game progression is fast, with familiar enemies, elites and bosses present through the campaign. If you’re familiar with the franchise you’ll be happy with how the enemies feel in a top down format. Crackshell have done a great job capturing the essence of these enemies and throwing it in your face. Bogus Detour plays brilliantly with keyboard and mouse and also has full controller support. It played well for me with both Xbox and PlayStation style controllers, however I had some issues with the Steam controller getting stuck with inverted axis.


Serious Sam’s now long running history has held it in good stead and with multiple genre’s under it’s belt already, the franchise can safely add twin stick shooter to the list of accomplishments. Available through Steam for $14.99US and GOG DRM free for $16.99AUD on PC exclusively, the short of it is that Sam’s detour may be bogus, but his game is far from it. I strongly suggest you get to blowing away highly pixelated enemies in all their bloody glory.

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour blows the pharaoh away with a solid 4/5 face rugs!
4 Out of 5 Beards

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