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Play Overwatch for free this weekend

Overwatch has been a phenomenon since it launched in May 2016, and now there are over 15 million people playing. This weekend Blizzard are letting everyone play the complete game for free on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Yup, the whole thing. Every character, map and mode (other than ranked), as well as loot rewards and those up for purchase. Best of all, if you end up purchasing the game you’ll keep your progress and loot. That’s pretty sweet.

It kicks off Saturday September 10 at 3:30 AM Central Aussie time and finishes 8:30 AM on Tuesday September 13. Expect to see plenty of filthy Bastion and Torbjorn action and complaints about no one playing Mercy.

PlayStation owners can just jump in, Xbox folks, you’ll need an Xbox Live account. For more information and instructions, head to Overwatch announcement.

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