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Eve going free to play

After 13 years Eve-Online will be entering into a brave new phase in November. Having long ago blazed a trail by allowing game time to be bought and sold with in game currency, Eve is now going free to play – in part.

While the finer details are still under consideration what we know is pretty exciting, particularly for vets like me. It’s no secret that I love Eve-Online.

Free to play players, or Alpha clones, will have access to restricted skills, and take longer to train them, while paying players, Omega clones, will continue as is. For those unaware, in Eve-Online skills are trained passively in real time. They effect both the ships and equipment the player can use and the proficiency with them.

Alpha players will be able to fly up to and including cruiser based hulls for thier race, as well as use particular industry and trading skills. If CCP get this right they could see a flood of both new players and returning vets. Those particular ship classes are a lot of fun. Personally I cannot justify the expense of a subscription with such limited time available to fly reckless. With this change I’ll be able to jump in a Caracal, head into lowsec and get blown up from time to time without a subscription. I’m almost giddy at the prospect.

Check out all the details on CCPs announcement blog

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