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Countdown to ClockWork

As is always the case, October sees the run of triple A game releases in the lead up to Christmas, and there are some great looking titles in there. Among all these big budget monsters is an Aussie indie game that certainly deserves your attention. If your passing on Gears of War 4 and Mafia 3 because they’re not your thing (or need something to play during the inevitable day one patches) then you should have a look at ClockWork.

Gamesoft’s debut title comes out 11 October and it could be a cracker. Players take on the role of Atto, a young boy who has been encased in a metal suit for 400 years to protect him from the plague that befell the city of Watchtower. It’s beautifully presented with hand drawn steam punk backgrounds and it just oozes charm.

It also looks bloody hard.

I love puzzle games and I think that time manipulation is massively underused in them. When I first heard time manipulation was in ClockWork I thought Braid. Looking at the new gameplay trailer though, it looks significantly more complicated than I first envisioned and I’m chomping at the bit to give it a go.

ClockWork is out worldwide on Steam on October 11. It’s $14.99 (USD) but will be 20% off for the release week.

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