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City building in space – Aven Colony announced

There is something about city building games that just draws me in. SimCity back in the day (not the most recent entry…) and Cities: Skylines have seen months of my life sucked into a black hole of late nights and difficult days and, frankly, I don’t even know why. Honestly, laying sewage pipes should not be that damn addictive but I just cannot go to bed with that smell floating over the residential area!

Mothership Eventertainment are now throwing their hat into the city building ring, but bringing a unique twist with them. The city you’re building will be light years from Earth on Aven Prime, humanities first colonisation of an extrasolar world. Taking city building to an alien planet is, frankly, an inspired decision. There is only so much variety that can be subject to the genre on Earth, regardless of the time period. With an alien planet though, all bets are off.

On Aven Prime players will be faced with “the Creep”as the planet itself seemingly rejects the human colonisation. On top of that players will have to deal with a vastly different day/night cycle, unpredictable alien weather and the unique challenge of producing and maintaining oxygen levels. That’s all on top of the usual construction, maintenance and population management you would expect in a city builder.

Aven Colony has me intrigued to say the least. While it’s not launching until 2017 the game has been in development for two and a half years and will be entering open beta very soon. So if city building is your thing, visit the Aven Colony website to sign up for updates. We’ll absolutely be following this one with interest.

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